Architectural Metal Works

Our Vision

Armetal Metal Industries, a local pioneer in the Architectural Metal Works category, is in the process of building a strategic approach to establish an expansion plan in the UAE (Dubai Industrial City DIC), to cater for UAE market and the surrounding GCC countries (Oman, Qatar, Kuwait, Bahrain).

Meanwhile, UAE is awarded Expo 2020 project which will take place in Dubai, taking into business consideration that such event occurs for the first time in the MENA region, whilst opening a wide range of construction projects in preparation for the phenomenon. At the end of Q1 2017, Armetal will be fully operational from its branch facilities in DIC and in contact with key persons related to Expo 2020 and all other ongoing and upcoming projects.

This visionary opportunity shall be the fertility period for Armetal to participate in the various projects and exposure steaming in the metal industry. In parallel, various projects from different categories (commercial, governmental, hospitality, etc…) shall be launched to acquire the tremendous number of visitors expected for the Expo 2020.

In order to achieve this vision, the plan is to:
  • Inject the success path of Armetal long product story.
  • Strengthen the solidity of Armetal which differ the brand name from other competing players in the market.
  • Maintaining the professionalism method that our teams use while operating.
  • Position Armetal as top of mind in the consumer mindsets in terms of credibility, offering and delivery.

Based on our appreciation of the Art reflected in the designs of the ongoing and upcoming projects, we will work harder to retain “Leading the way in Architectural Metal Works”.